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THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH! Your support, I CANNOT STRESS ENOUGH.MEANS SO MUCH TO ME! i am quite ridiculous is that I cry a little whenever we hit a major milestone!

See, I am quite very stubborn.Is that when the universe is telling me it cannot be. I simply cannot take it without going down without a fight. Long story short: Being an artist was told to me, was immpossible to me by various people. 

I was diagnosed a LONG LONG time ago, by a concerned art teacher when I was in wee primary school,meaning I WAS 7 years old when she noticed all my artwork was a wee bit, well shakey.

She refered my mother and I to a doctor who then diagnosed me with a nerve problem. 'Your daughter," said Dr mcQuackerson, "Will never be good in art or draw." When my mother told him of my interest in well, drawing.

Even at that wee age, let it be said, stubborness and fiery natures are in my lineage. My grandma (Father's side) could make grown men run for terror when they roused her ire, My mother's parents were expert at haggling and could get a bargain by being very loud and rude. It was no wonder they got on so well with Grandma.

If people were dogs, my family would be the bulldogs of the human world.

Ahem. So, when Dr Quackeyquackerson said that. All I could think was."Oh yeah? I'LL SHOW YOU."

So began an obsession.

 I draw and drew. I was the best in my class.Hell, I once drew until my HANDS WERE BLEEDING. Just cuz I can.

The bullies forced me to draw their art  homework.During art classes, the normally shunned me was suddenly a celeb.

Then came secondary school. Ah, secondary school.

During web design , a substitute teacher trashed my artwork, crumpled my artwork infront of me, just because he was in a bad mood and told me  Before spitting on it " You call this SHIT ART?" I had spent hours on it.

Thus grew a vengeance. You wait. Some day,you will be a nobody,just a miserable wilted lemon  and I, well, I would be a somebody.So, I went off to polytechnic to become a traditional animator.

Then came polytechnic. Goodtimes, I had discovered being in animation was not all it was cracked up to be.

A well known figure in animation whom I idolized, who made a well known animated Film IN THE 1990s was coerced into by my animation teacher who was also his colleague into reviewing my portfolio.."What is this? YOU HAVE WASTED YOUR ENTIRE THREE YEARS IN ANIMATION. Look at this. " He SAID gesturing to another teacher."Isn't this just uGLY?" He then shoved my worK into my stunned lecturer's hands.Nodded to him like this was routine and trotted off. I burst into tears and my friend who had been glaring daggers at McShiTStain , snapped."What's wrong with him?! He did not even flip through the portfolio! How can he just say something like that!" My lecturer, bless him, was furious. He was shaking with rage. "Sorry, Bubble. I have no idea what is wrong with him. Maybe he's Constipated or was knocked by a bus hence his clear blindness and assHoleness this morning. Or maybe, he has a stick shoved up his fat ass so high that he can't see from his high place in the clouds!" He growled. My lecturer always knew how to make me laugh.Word must have SPREAD for even my normally STERN 3D french lecturer, and His assistant had specially come down and complimented me on my work.For the sake of anonymity, I shall refrain from mentioning actual names and call them F and H. It was almost amusing. My lecturer Must have told the entire department what an ass said Mcshittystain was and what he did to a then 19 year old who had spent three years and had idolized this said person, methinks and said department thought he was a Grade A ass it seems for the next few hours, I spent were being bombarded by well wishers.

F and H would come by my booth on graduation and made a huge point to tell everyone passing by to come and see.

Another lecturer even pointed out to her visiting parents her 'Star pupil', which was me.

I saw no sign of shittymcstain since that fateful day. 

But McSHITSTain taught me an important lesson. how to NOT be an asshole. And generally AN ass in general. Even if you ever 'get big', you don't EVER,EVER tell one of your fellow artists who thought you were cool not to draw.WHY? Because said other person is a human too!

And that is the Gospel truth.

Then when I was facing an existential crisis and was interning in the medical field , in one of my darkest days..I was mocked day after day for a hideous month by my so called colleagues who mocked me for wasting five years in animation.

True,I may not have the job but that does not mean I ever will regret learning animation. It was an experience and I got to meet so many amazing people and learn so many life lessons and most importantly, grow as an artist.

I have been bent and broken, I have been mocked, I have been disdained. But so have you guys.

So many of you guys have come to me via NOTE, those who are too shy and understably so after the horrible similar ordeal you have undergone like mine.Some of you have come to me and commented in my journal comments.

Thank you.For your support.For proving to those horrible people, they ARE WRONG.

You guys are my backbone, my friends AND for your support, I will go the distance! 

We all have met that one jackass. That one person who tells you, you are worthless, a waste of space, that anything you do WILL never PLEASE them. That you wilL NEVER BE HAPPY.That you do not deserve to be happy. Screw 'em.

Give them, hell, my friends.

And keep being happy and healthy.

And Bubblin' on in life! 


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A subsciption! >.<The final donator will get a feature,three of their characters drawn out,and a bookmark drawn by yours truly mailed to them of whatever they want! I doubt anyone will donate but it can't hurt to try right? Meh.I will be graetful for even a single point or any at all! .

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says keep Bubbling away , guys!
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