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Purging the gallery!





ocean | f2u deco by toff-u blue n pink by bulletblend ocean | f2u deco by toff-u

Hiya! Thank you for checking my page out and have a wonderful day! <3

My (future) comic is somewhat based off the Illiad. Should Achilles be ... 

15 deviants said ...Patroklos's talented kid cousin with whom he (Patroklos) acts as a parental figure but at the same time oddly envies for his (Achilles) talent? ((Personality: Cheerful, sweet, goofy and quite a sweetheart. He's like Steven to Patroklo's Pearl
15 deviants said ...Patroklo's OLDER cousin whom Patroklos openly has become increasingly bitter towards to due to his talent. ((Personality: Really sweet but really dumb and goofy. He's got dumb luck and power on his side. Think Disney's Goofy to his Patroklo's Max


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Bubble is a cat who can turn into a magical 'girl' with the aid of a magical pen. She graduated from the university of Kawaii Desu with a Degree in.... Magical Tax. ((Tragic backstory. She does not pursue a career in Magical tax for said reasons that make this a tragic backstory!)) She currently is doing her best to draw comics which she loves!

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Comics,love,fun,story and non-conformity! ;3


So its been a long while

Sat Feb 10, 2018, 7:04 AM


Find Me


Retrolicious Journal Lurve of Sparkly awesome by BubbleDriver

So yeahhhh.

About said super long post.


Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaai gais. *cheesy grin*

My job is pretty deadbeat but stable.

But my real life begins here. It's gunna be a long grind *sucks in breath * But heeeey. Pays the bills.

I wanna say. It's been a huge help I've had the support of your lovely people. It means a lot to me to hear comments on my deviations, to get every note. I know I take a bajillion years and I know a lot of y'all have been commenting that my latest comic has a lack of colour. Guys.

It pains me buuut it's faster. Kaliko is a traditional comic and I know a lot of you love my coloured works. But colour takes time to do and polished atwork takes time and I only get a day off per week :p

Kaliko is about story. Please take a look if you love japanese mythology and the wizard of oz and Ranma ;)

It's a VERY dark work. It's got it's funny moments , the main character will make you both laugh and cry.  Buuut it's got rape, it's got child abuse,  it's got tons of messed up characters. It makes you question yourself. It's got gender related issues.

I love it because the characters make you think.

I miss you guys, How have you been so far? :)

 Also a HUGE thank you to the lovely :iconirianwhitefox: who paid for my DA subscription .
A huge arigato to the adorable :iconlawfulstudios9646: and :iconindigo-epzs: for favouriting my works .

And a giant thank you to whomever has stuck by me through thick and thin . I really appreciate it, thank you!

I also really appreciate you guys who comment, favourite my artwork and never question why I keep coming up with new comics or rebuke me. Because you get I'm going through crap and it means the world tp be treated as a ...human , you know. :)

I wish I could churn out or be super inspired on just one story but certain stories are my rungs , or serve as my rungs to get out of ...Dark places in my head. So when I see a rung, I grab onto it and pull.

So you guys not telling me I am stupid ((Yes, fyi, I have gotten angry comments asking why I never update certain stories)) . I apologize also for not updating but I'm not like other comic writers or artists as in I have a full time job. I also have major anxiety issues and have struggled with depression and even with the full support of my family and the job which brings in money for my medication...It's draining. It's a constant battle to not let it overwhelm me, and having to deal with people.I know my stories resonate with you guys . It means a lot to me. I also fully understand if you are angry and are wondering why I don't want to.

In my case, inspiration works hand in hand with my stories. And I cannot fake stories. Nor do i want to force stories because it would be what I call, giving you guys a poor quality and not the best version of the story. I would rather lay it to rest . Also. Fact is my stories are also what help me with my issues.

Kinda like a budget Shrink. My comics help me too, guys. They serve as therapy.


Wowee, how did this turn into a self-care journal entry?

Oh well.

My mind is a strange, strange place.

Anyway, thing is. I have had a ton of people I thought were friends leave me over the course of the past year and recently.

I wanna say is. I cannot force you to stay by me. I know I have bad days, I am honest as in when I have bad days I will tell you guys and not lie I am a-okay because I want to break the stereotype that artists have to be happy go lucky 24/7 on here. We have feelings, we have bad days, we also need to eat , sleep and yes, we will mess up because we are only human.So yeah. If you don;t want to see my less pretty side. Yeah, I understand.

But I want to also say to those who accepted me, who stuck by me no matter what.

Failings accepted and everything.

Thank you.

Coz as someone who got diagnosed with anxiety and depression, it means a lot to have you stay by my side .


Oh and here's a SATURDAY NIGHT PLAYLIST which I am listening to at the moment :)

Feel free to PLEASE suggest some songs you are listening to right now! :) C'mon, I'm sure you guys listen to songs while you are drawing , writing or doing stuff, right?

Here's miiiine

Partreon divider by BubbleDriver


ID! the Comic by BubbleDriver ID! Comic-Sweet Dreams are made of this by BubbleDriver ID! Comic-Merry Christmas in July! by BubbleDriver ID! Comic-Old friends by BubbleDriver Is it Deja Vu? p1 by BubbleDriver Is it Deja Vu? p2 by BubbleDriver Is it Deja Vu? p3 by BubbleDriver Is it Deja Vu? p4 by BubbleDriver Is it Deja Vu? p5 by BubbleDriver Is it Deja Vu? p6 by BubbleDriver Is it Deja Vu? p7 by BubbleDriver Is it Deja Vu? p9 by BubbleDriver ((HAAAAITUS*=))


Kaliko!! Vol 1 pg 1 by BubbleDriver Kaliko!! Vol 1 pg 2 by BubbleDriver Kaliko!! Vol 1 pg 3 by BubbleDriver Kaliko!! Vol 1 pg 4 by BubbleDriver Kaliko!! Vol 1 pg 5 by BubbleDriver Kaliko!! Vol 1 pg 6 by BubbleDriver Kaliko!! Vol 1 pg 9 by BubbleDriver

Kaliko!! Vol 1 pg 10 by BubbleDriver Kaliko!! Vol 1 pg 12 by BubbleDriver Kaliko!! Vol 1 pg 11 by BubbleDriver Kaliko!! Vol 1 pg 12 by BubbleDriver

Kaliko!! Vol 1 pg 13 by BubbleDriver Kaliko!! Vol 1 pg 14 by BubbleDriver Kaliko!! Vol 1 pg 15 by BubbleDriver

Proud to be part of the BOB stamp by BubbleDriver

Feeling Bubbly by BubbleDriver

Thank you for reading my Journals by BubbleDriver






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Okay! Now one of my characters is a Bloodthirsty MECENARY. His backstory on how he grew into this is... 

21 deviants said Farm boy. Forced into it due to his strength after a castle lord saw his strength and decided "Gee. Kid would make a great soldeir." Kid was just EIGHT when he is torn away from a loving but poor family. ((SPOILERS. The lord has his family killed when he
16 deviants said A demon excorcist's son. His father was distant and rarely visited, leaving our merc to grow up resentful and protective of the only family he had. His mom. Who dies due to his dad doing someting stupid. Merc later tracks him down and kills him (eventuall To those who are interested in my Partreon..Is $1 a month at least okay? 

21 deviants said $1 a month is ok!
9 deviants said More????? :D ((Really!? 0w0)) ((I'll give you nice things! ;3))
8 deviants said Oh please, Bubble. $2 , a month. Now,.GO DRAW.
7 deviants said $10 a month. I wanna see more artses AND comics
3 deviants said $5 a month , make moar


32 deviants said YAY
13 deviants said HOORAY



they see me purging . it's happening!
Sun Oct 1, 2017, 11:49 PM
Sun Oct 1, 2017, 10:01 PM
Irian the Fox and Bubble the Driver, the chore will never end. It's PURGING TIME
Fri Sep 29, 2017, 8:13 AM
Go around the entire 12000 art pieces in your gallery!
Fri Sep 29, 2017, 8:12 AM
Fri Sep 29, 2017, 8:11 AM
Fri Sep 29, 2017, 8:11 AM
hi everyone !!
Fri May 27, 2016, 7:21 AM
Thank you so much for the kind message!
Sun Apr 3, 2016, 9:33 PM
...Omg, shout out to my pals who fgavourited my ournal entries. TAHNK YOU THANK YOU!!!! <3333
Sun Mar 6, 2016, 6:28 AM
Oh wow! These are so pretty! ^^
Fri Nov 20, 2015, 3:12 PM


Alright:RULES.People who are gonna post the following in any of the comments are gonna get banned. All my BOBs are behind me on this.

1) NO FREE ART. I AM NOT A MACHINE THAT IF YOU PLACE ENOUGH KINDNESS COINS IN I WILL SPEW FOR YOU FREE ART.If you want to support me, please watch or donate money to keep the FREE comics and art and content I create running! I WILL not draw your OC or your brother/sister/parents/friend/whatever's OC or art for FREE for a 'reward'. Anyone who henceforth tries such FILTH will get banned AND placed in the wall

2) UNLESS you are a BOB aka watcher of mine, NO "can you like my/sisters/whatever page?" or 'plz favourite my art!1!1!" The cheek! I will fave your art because I want to not because you asked me to! I did not do that to you so DO NOT ask that of me!

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